Qloppi Mi-Yu Social Technology Press Room --- 2018-1-9 Qloppi Mi-Yu acquires quantumfeminism.com. Sana'a, Yemen - While touring an almost vacant shopping center in the poorest region of Yemen, Stephen Hung pulled out custom, red laqured Lamborghini edition iPhone XS Max and purchased quantumfeminism.com. "We are ready to put something important here" said Mr. Hung. Friend and social director Chese is developing a new scheme to do something exciting with htis new website. Please stay tuned, probably next week. About quantumfeminism.com It's a new site About Stephen and Deborah Hung Stephen Hung is a flamboyant Hong Kong property investor and former investment banker. He is the Joint Chairman of Hong Kong-listed The 13 Holdings Limited. In addition, he is the chairman of The Taipan Investment Group and the vice-chairman of Rio Entertainment Group, which operates the Rio Hotel & Casino in Macau. Deborah Hung is the wife of Stephen Hung. --- Contact and Referral: Qloppi, Mi-Yu Legal Business N.os 331B-241 Orient Trading Tower 12ÃÆ₺ andar, Macau The Royal Norwegian Consulate in Dubai c/o Qloppi, Mi-Yu Millenium Youth Service Initiative P.O Box 8612 Dubai, United Arab Emirates