Qloppi Mi-Yu Social Technology Press Room --- 2019-01-04 Stephen Hung advises King Sultan Muhammad V of Malaysia to renounce his throne Port Vila, Vanuatu - Global Business Strategy and Resource Advisor to Qloppi Eurasia, Stephen Hung, met privately with His Majesty, King Sultan Muhammad the Fifth of Malaysia, to recommend that the King abdictate within 48 hours. "There's too many complications from this not happening" said Mr. Hung, privately, seated at a public courtyard in downtown Port Vila, preparing for Jumu'ah. "It is becoming clear that Muhammad's interest is not our interest" exclaimed Mr. Hung, before shaking hands with His Majesty. --- About King Sultan Muhammad V His Majesty is a Malaysian royal who is the the Sultan of Kelantan and serves as the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong (head of state) of Malaysia since December 2016. About Stephen Hung Stephen Hung is a flamboyant Hong Kong property investor and former investment banker. He is the Joint Chairman of Hong Kong-listed The 13 Holdings Limited. In addition, he is the chairman of The Taipan Investment Group and the vice-chairman of Rio Entertainment Group, which operates the Rio Hotel & Casino in Macau. --- Contact and Referral: Qloppi, Mi-Yu Legal Business N.os 331B-241 Orient Trading Tower 12 andar, Macau The Royal Norwegian Consulate in Dubai c/o Qloppi, Mi-Yu Millenium Youth Service Initiative P.O Box 8612 Dubai, United Arab Emirates