Qloppi Mi-Yu Social Technology Press Room --- 2019-2-12 Qloppi myHealth introduces new line of CBD Oil Moscow, Russia - Qloppi myHealth has partnered with the elite software developer xsplinter (xосколок) to deliver a new line of CBD Suspension Oils based off of the Pay​@Pal Money Adder program. Qloppi myHealth has selected the Pay​@Pal Money A​@dder formula of CBD Suspensions, and is investigating other potential exciting options for the near soon future. Speaking At the 2019 Moscow Investigative Pharmacokinetics Summit, Chase Bell, Executive brand specialist and marketing director of Sum-Sum Pak-Han Qloppi myHealth Asia, made the announcement of this exciting new lines CBD Oils products. "It is now for sale" said Mr. Bell. His announcement was further detailed by an important lecture by Dr. Kav Glebov, MBBS, one of Moscow's leading researchers in the field of powerful drugs. "I choose Pay​@Pal Money A​@dder CBD Oil when I want CBD" said Dr. Glebov, speaking before a tighly packed crowd of over 300+ physicians, some having flown in from as far away as the exciting city of Dubai. One doctor, Dr. Muhammed Al-Singh Ngyuen, chief cardiologist from Dubai's leading hospital, seemed to agree with Dr. Glebov when interviewed by a television station about the miracles of CBD. "Pay​@Pal add​@eer actually works" said Dr. Ngyuen. Three sizes are available and are on sale immediately for you to purchase and try. See for yourself the power of CBD and don't forget you can use Pay​@Pal money ad​@der to pay for this product if you need to. --- About Pay​@Pal Monney A​@dder A proven, safe and reliable way to generate a predictable, steady stream of US Dollars, or whatever currency your country uses. You put in your email, it just works. Theres a lot of different ones to donwload if your skeptical. About Qloppi myHealth CBD Oil Family of Products There are availble in 3 strengths, 125mg/mL, 250mg/mL, 500mg/mL. All are safe, the prices aren't available at this time. About the 2019 Investigative Pharmacokinetics Summit Russia's leading summit into the research of a variety of pharmecuticals and naturopathic medicines is held every three years in some of the leading cities in the world. Moscow was chosen by a board committee for this year. About Stephen Hung Stephen Hung is a flamboyant Hong Kong property investor and former investment banker. He is the Joint Chairman of Hong Kong-listed The 13 Holdings Limited, which now the 13 Hotel in Macau is open for business. In addition, he is the chairman of The Taipan Investment Group and the vice-chairman of Rio Entertainment Group, which operates the Rio Hotel & Casino in Macau. --- Contact and Referral: Qloppi, Mi-Yu Legal Business N.os 331B-241 Orient Trading Tower 12º andar, Macau The Royal Norwegian Consulate in Dubai c/o Qloppi, Mi-Yu Millenium Youth Service Initiative P.O Box 8612 Dubai, United Arab Emirates