Qloppi Mi-Yu Social Technology Press Room --- 2022-11-09 Notes on layoffs at Facebook City of London --(Financial Times)-- Qloppi Holdings is actively monitoring the situation regarding Meta Platforms (META ) losing nearly 70% of its value for the year, resulting in CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally laying off 11,000 (or 13%) of his entire company's workforce. The drastic and unprecedented move was not unexpected, as the writing had been on the wall for quite some time now that top brass at Meta were preparing to FIRE anybody that still worked there. Many were both surprised and amused to learn that Meta Platforms continues to employ tens of thousands of people, which makes very little sense, for multiple reasons. "Who would willingly work for this wicked, contemptible company?" asked Stephen Hung, chairman of Qloppi My e-Fun. "Siri, delete Facebook off my iPhone!" exclaimed Mr. Hung to laughter from a very large press gaggle. The inevitable collapse and capitulation of META comes after CEO Mark Zuckerberg wasted the entire year working on his VRML video game Underwater Horizons. The cell phone mini-game, which did not bring in enough revenue to satisfy shareholders, was a disaster. Kyle Laverby, Chief Scientist at Meta, responsible for attracting top talent to help Mr. Zuckerberg with his programming, is now fired. FT obtained the following statement upon his disgraceful departure: We expect FACEBOOK stock to continue to decline even more, as we predicted earlier this year. About Qloppi Holdings A private service which monitors and makes predictions on world markets. About the People's Liberation Army The armed forces of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the armed wing of the PRC's founding and ruling political party, the Communist Party of China (CPC). --- Contact and Referral: Qloppi, Mi-Yu Legal Business N.os 331B-241 Orient Trading Tower à andar, Macau The Royal Norwegian Consulate in Dubai c/o Qloppi, Mi-Yu Millenium Youth Service Initiative P.O Box 8612 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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